About us
e-commerce fashion brand

We are one of the largest cross-border e-commerce companies in China focusing on the sale of apparel and footwear products through third-party e-commerce platforms.

According to Frost & Sullivan, we ranked third in terms of GMV of apparel and footwear products sold through third-party e-commerce platforms in 2021. In addition, we ranked first in terms of GMV generated through North America among all platform-based sellers in China’s crossborder ecommerce export B2C apparel and footwear market in 2021.

Products Primarily focus on the omnichannel e-commerce sale of self-designed fashion apparel and footwear products.
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  • Strong design team
  • Digital management
  • Excellent brand prospect
  • Excellent operation capability
  • Professional management team
Our vision is to be a world renowned
e-commerce fashion brand.

We endeavor to become a world renowned e-commerce fashion brand to meet our global customers' sartorial demands and needs promptly and seamlessly.